Monday, June 8, 2015

Oklahoma City Renn Faire 2015

(Photo above: Me in my Renn faire outfit.<3)

I wait impatiently every year for the Renn faire season to start... I love the smell of incense and turkey legs mixed with a dash of the sweet smell of mead. (though not nearly as good as European mead.) In my head I always imagine myself, friends and family members getting smashed (drunk) while singing medieval songs, laughing, roleplaying, and carrying on as if we came straight out of The Lord of the Rings.

Beer and Renn faire go hand in hand in my mind!
However since The Oklahoma City Renn faire is on a College Campus it makes it a completely dry experience. (Dry = no alcohol.)

Just imagine my moaning and whining when I found this out upon arriving.

Normally my husband Brady and I just make travel plans for The Castle of Muskogee (A WONDERFUL PLACE FULL OF ALCOHOL. >.>) but this year we decided that we should stick closer to rather than making the 3 hour drive we made a 30 minute drive downtown to the Oklahoma University College campus.  

Once we walked onto the university grounds we were pleasantly surprised by all the people who dressed up and by how friendly everyone was.

My eyes scanned the grounds and my body was drawn towards all the clothing venders; My husband and oldest brother couldn't keep me contained. haha!

I usually buy a new fox tail each time I visit a renn faire but I resisted this year... I was eyeing that light brown and silver tail however...

My oldest brother James and Husband Brady wondering about...

I loved the detail and craftsmanship of both of these men's costumes so I had to get a photograph with them... I love the Norse Viking look. I really need to sew up something along those lines for next year...

James, Myself and Brady <3

Bavarian Roasted Nuts stand... Of course we had to partake!
I mean half the fun of an American Renn faire is all the unhealthy treats.

Some friendly sparring... James actually used to be apart of this organization. When I was younger I used to watch him spar all the time with friends.

I ended up purchasing an Ocarina. :D FINALLY!! I've been eyeing these for the past 8 years... I'm hoping to get pretty boss at playing... 

The men playing Axe throw and Knife throwing games.

A Incense stand. <3

Towards the end of our adventure we stumbled on a tent devoted to vikings. Apparently we have a viking organization in Oklahoma? Pretty cool; though I doubt viking artifacts were found here as a couple signs were stating inside the tent.
However I did love looking at the history books on vikings they had on one of the plastic tables.

All in all the trip was very fun, memorable, and full of magic.
(I wish there would have been beer.)

Stay Spooky!
-Allison Eckfeldt

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