Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, AR- My Ghost Investigating Series.

 It’s called the most haunted hotel in America and it’s all because of one man.  “Dr” Norman Baker.  He bought the derelict old lady during the height of the Great Depression and turned it into The Baker Cancer Hospital.  He claimed to have the cure for cancer.  He didn’t.  People died there.  In droves.  That’s why there are so many ghosts.
Literally this hotel is crawling with them... while it is very pleasing to the eye; It's not so pleasing for the mind. I stayed here last year to do my own investigation. I got a lot on this 'mission' of sorts...Some photos that are key for me and that I treasure as well as a paranormal hunter.

The photo that set the pace for my adventure I took as I was walking up to the false hope cancer hotel.

As soon as I switched my camera to the view mode I was taken back. Look at all those orbs!! You've got to be kidding me?! I knew at that moment I should probably head back to the car because I am sure as hell not getting a peaceful sleep tonight. ha!
-but then my long car trip would have been for nothing... so nervously I got my bags and headed in...after taking like 12 more orb filled photos outside.

A photo I took inside the lobby. You can find quite a few orbs in this photo as well, but I didn't see anything in the photo that I was hoping to catch... like a shadow figure, or a face outline.

(Mind you the orbs were not from dust. The hotel was very spotless, including my room.) 

As you can see the hotel is so beautiful inside.
I took tons of photos which contained shit tons of orbs; but at this point the orbs became 'normal' and I actually was just taking photos because I loved the decor so much. haha

This couch I'm sitting on above... I wanted it. So incredibly badly... How gothic and bad ass is this? seriously! Oh! and yes that is me... I've changed quite a bit in a year, huh? ;)

After roaming around the lobby, checking in and putting my bags away I started my hunt. The lights stay on in the hotel thankfully... because otherwise I think I would have been freaked out beyond words. At least I could see what was in front of me.

The hallways were all the same. Just tons of orbs and running into others doing the exact same thing I was doing. Hunting for the bigfoot of paranormal research. 

Until I chose to find a place other weren't going to or bothering with. I went downstairs, to the basement and what used to be the morgue. It was very intense with activity and sadly since I have yet to have invested in a evp recorder, video camera or ghostbox I have no proof of what I heard or saw... other than photos.

downstairs there is also a phone booth... unsure why... but to the right of me next to my head in the other glass panel you will see in the glass a weird black shadow. The inside of the telephone booth did not have any black smudges nor did the glass.

This photo gave me the chills when I saw it! 
It was in the booth with me whatever it was. haha!

That night of course I experienced a lot of activity while in my room but sadly have no proof of it since I didnt own documenting devices...

My conclusion? This hotel is breath taking and very gothically inclined. I highly recommend staying here to experience something for yourself.
Heres a link to their official site:


Also! They were featured on the Sci-Fi Channel:

Totally worth your money and time folks. 

Stay Spooky.
Allison Eckfeldt.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Eureka Springs Cemetery- My Ghost Investigating Series.

Eureka Springs, AR... Known for its long history of ghosts and the world famous haunted location 'The Crescent Hotel' has a cemetery like no other... I had gone to Eureka Springs last year in September (Photo above) for a ghost investigation and to celebrate my birthday. Any time I go out of town I make sure to visit the cemetery of what ever town I am in...Normally in the day time because I am simply visiting the grave to see the sights and enjoy the beauty.

I wasn't expecting to ghost hunt or to have any activity for that matter.

This, without a doubt, is one of my favorite cemeteries and is simply breath taking. 
However, even though it was still early in the morning (around 10 am) I could still hear things in the wind and feel strong vibes... Actually I found this place by chance and was planning on going to a different cemetery. As I was driving down the dirt road I saw the gates to the cemetery and had a very strong pull to stop and take a look.

I got a ton of awesome photos with orbs, mist and.... 'auras'?

I was shocked by this considering it wasn't the witching hour and that it takes much more energy to make yourself known in the daytime for a spirit. 

It was still 10 a.m after all.

The photo above has an impressive orb. This is the largest orb I've ever caught on camera...
the gravestone has the date 1835 I believe...

this is the 'aura' I was talking about. Notice the purple/blueish shading around the gravestone. I have not edited this of course and my camera works properly so it was not my cameras doing. I've taken lots of photos and have never had this happen before or after this shot. I call it an Aura because the colors around this photo was the exact emotion I was feeling from this head stone or grave rather... The stone was so covered in moss that I couldn't find out more about this person or when they died. 

This is my favorite image I've ever captured of paranormal. 
have you ever captured something like this? 
Or do you know the proper name of when this happens to a photo? 

Click on this photo above to see two orbs floating away from the top of the two headstones towards each other. 

What an unexpected surprise that I got so much activity in the morning from such a lovely grave site.

My conclusion from this gravesite is that it is, of course, very beautiful; but also very active!
I would love to come back to this cemetery during the witching hours sometime this year and see what I can capture! 

Stay Spooky!
Allison Eckfeldt.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Witch's Grave, Skiatook Oklahoma - My Ghost Investigating Series.

So seeing how I am goth I guess it comes as to no surprise that I love going to the cemetery and ghost investigating.

 The picture above looks quite epic as if I am channeling a spirit or something but sadly it is not nearly that hardcore... I was actually just feeling the gravestone to see which side had the carving of the name and date so I wouldn't be walking over their grave. 
Needless to say it was pitch dark outside. ha

Brady, myself, His Brother and sister in law like to go on these little 'hunts' to see what we can find or witness.
We always find something which causes us to have more desire to hunt for more.

A little background on American Cemeteries for my foreign readers:

In America the cemeteries are illegal to go into at night...a rule that started with grave robbers. No surprise, right? Just read Mary Shelley's frankenstein and you'll know that graves used to be dug up for science so doctors could learn more about the human body and how to operate....Any ways;  You can get a heavy ticket among other things. 
When I was younger and got caught in a cemetery the officer actually drove me home in his cop car with his siren on and knocked on my mothers door to deliver me back home. My mother wasn't pleased. (our house has a cemetery in the back yard.) 
Also cemeteries are not lit up at all...the moon is your only source of light.
You'll notice in most of the pictures of me within the cemetery I have my hand on the grave stones...That is because it is so dark...I am using them as a sense of guidance. 
Moving right along~
Now for the photos of our hunt. 

Here is the back story on the cemetery we chose:
Skiatook - Witch's grave This location is an old late 1800's and early 1900's grave yard called Hillside cemetery marked by an historical site marker. It is known that a witch in the early 1900's is buried there. Many disturbing things have happened on and near this location. Talk of demonic possessions and alternately the destruction of lives to those who disturb the witch's grave. The Death of a young teen-age boy in the mid 70's that wrecked his car at a very near by bridge is known to walk the roads around the cemetery. From Skiatook take Hwy 11 north to Hillside Rd. Turn east stay on the road it will be on the east side of the road just past the curves

Here's a little video on the location as well..

We had parked at the very back of the cemetery without knowing that we actually were parked directly next to the witch's grave... As soon as we all stepped out of the car we all felt an extreme heaviness. Something didn't want us there...of course. What dead or un-living thing would want us there? 
We all said a protection prayer and then set out on our mission to see what we could find.

All the photos we took in the back of the cemetery were crawling with activity...Each one had orbs or mist within it. We even heard voices and footsteps...at times when we were all standing still right next to each other we would hear footsteps on the grass walking up to us. 

It was very dry and chilly out this night.
The photos I've chosen to show you feature mist and orbs.
(Non of us were smoking.)

You can see brady's brother looking at the camera but a smokey fog covers the entire image. This is near the witches grave.

The smokey fog blocking out another photo. Mind you that it was NOT foggy out the night we chose to do this. It was very clear and chilly. 

Brady's sister in law and I standing by a grave...and a strange fog figure next to us. (don't pay any attention to the date on the bottom right of the camera. Once we were in the cemetery the camera started Turning on and off  and the date on the lower corner would disappear and reappear as different dates...)

Heres a photo with two impressive size orbs.

The above two photos are taken in the same location without moving. This way you can see how in most pictures it is dark and then in others a 'fog' is passing by. This one in the top photo you'll notice the 'fog' floating in the air... and then in the next photo we take it is suddenly right in front of us.

Also in the top one you can see some orbs.

This last photo includes a orb but I mostly put it on here so you could see what the photos looked like when the 'fog' didn't disturb them...

Our end result from visiting this place is:
Yes. It is haunted.
Yes. It is Demonic.
The energy is drained from you, you feel a heaviness, you hear voices, and feel a sense of freight. freight seems like a given but I don't mean a normal freight... I mean a freight for your life. I've been ghost haunting for awhile and you can tell the difference from the feelings a ghost gives you and a demon gives you.

If you chose to go to the location make sure to pray to your god for protection, and then pray over yourself before leaving that nothing is aloud to attach itself to you or follow you home.

I wont be revisiting this place... even in day light.

Stay Spooky!
Allison Eckfeldt.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Radical Self Love Journal.

I'm always preaching about how you should love yourself before loving others; and about love in general...

Well, as you get older you'll notice people who stick on a certain subject or preach on a certain subject actually have trouble obtaining what they are in fact preaching about....

I have a hard time loving myself. I can deeply whole heartily love others and feel their emotions as if my own....but I have such an incredibly hard time with showing love to myself...
I'm unsure why, I guess enough abuse can knock you so far down in a ditch that you have to claw your way out... 

Being goth I've been picked on pretty heavily for some time...no surprise, right? everyone gets picked on and bullied....it leaves a lasting scar on some of us...for example: a long long time ago when I was sixteen I was made fun of at my private school on a regular basis so I developed a strong self hate. 
Self hate is awful.
Please try to keep from falling into this ditch.

It's so incredibly hard to claw your way out.


-with this said, and what seems like me whining is actually me saying this to possibly help others...
I've started a journal that was inspired by this lovely speaker:

Basically you write down compliments other have given you, and you write down things you love about yourself.... You also write motivating things in it on a regular basis... so when you feel down or empty you can read over the journal and boost yourself up.

I encourage anyone else who struggles like I do to also do this! I've already started and can tell a difference. :)

I've also been listening to this song which helps me a lot:

Stay Spooky! 
Allison Eckfeldt. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Talking Condescending about Others.

I have something for everyone to chew on, including myself. Today I removed someone from my personal life because everything I hear from them is condescending to others, or the opposite (male) sex also known as a form of sexism, also this person constantly tries to 'call people out', or act like queen bee. I'm sick of it and I've held my tongue long enough out of trying to be polite to a 'friend'... and then it hit me. I don't want to be associated with someone like this because I don't want A) These traits to rub off on me and B) I don't want to be friends with someone who does these things because then in some way I am approving these actions on a daily basis.
Talking condescending about others for who they are or what they've done and constantly talking about how you'll be famous and spit in the faces of people who 'held you back' shows such a low calibre. Hate gets you no where and makes you exactly the same as the people you 'hate'. Also; It's an unattractive human emotion that no one really enjoys.
I hope to be forever humble of my background and the people that have been in my life. Without those people in my life I wouldn't be the person I am today. Even if I was wronged in the past all I can really do is thank them, because they left a scar and now my skin is stronger and less likely to fall victim again.

Be thankful, or forgiving.... not hateful.

Show Love and be Loved. 

I still love this girl but I don't need this kind of attitude/outlook in my life. 

Stay spooky.
Allison Eckfeldt.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dating, Flirting and Break ups. (Viewer request)

BreathingOnlyHurts posted a comment 
2 days ago
I love your videos so much c: You're so mature and I love listening to your opinions. think you can do a video about your advice on dating? Like how to get over a bad breakup, how to meet new people and flirt :D I'd love that.

Thank you so much for the lovely complement!

For you my dear; I will do my best to explain how I deal with relationships.
Dating can sometimes feel like you are actually married to someone... They could be really clingy and want every moment with you, or you could just spiritually feel very intertwined with them. Your souls can be connected on a different level with each other...or you could just both be lusting after each other and not really want a true future in the end.

Love is beyond complicated and has so many unexpected ways of turning out.

Each person you date will be unique and each experience within the relationship will be completely different compared to others you've dated.

When I was in my freshman year of college I did a report for my creative writing class on the greek words for love in hopes to find out more about this emotion that grips hold of my heart daily for various reasons...
Its so beautiful to learn about and I recommend anyone to research it via the internet when they are bored and have nothing else to do. 

My back ground with dating:
1. I've had at least 12 different boyfriends.
2. I've been engaged 3 times.
3. I've had 1 girlfriend

So thats a basic view of where I'm coming from with my advice.


First up. Yes; I have indeed dated ALOT of amazing people, but for me you date (or court) people to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and start a beautiful relationship with.
If I'm with someone and It doesn't 'click' or feel natural... Then I'll end it. No use in prolonging something that wasn't meant to happen in the first place. 

So about 80% of the people I dated was during high school when I was experiencing new personalities and ways of thinking. 
I didn't know myself then so it made dating harder... which leads me to this:

You have to love yourself before you can fully love anyone else.

You cannot rely on them to be your source of love at all times or that will drain them and cause the relationship to fail.

Relationships are give and take.

not give give give.

or take take take.

It should be an even playing field.

When your in love you'll do anything for that person, they are amazing to you on all levels, you dream about them constantly, you look up to them, you want to be in their presence, you want to make them smile, and you want to give them the warmth they give to you.

when your lusting after someone you think they look amazing, You enjoy being seen with them, You couldn't really care their opinion of you, and you just wait for moments for when you can sleep with them.

There is a clear difference. Like night and day.
But some people have a hard time with this.


Im told by family that when I'm single I flirt with everyone....All I have to say is This is not true one bit.
Even in high school girls would key words like "Whore" "skank" and "slut" into my cars paint. I would get notes in my locker telling me that I needed to stop flirting with such and such or else.

I didn't understand why everyone thought I was flirting.

Then it hit me.
Because when I talk to people male/female/bi/gay whatever sexual orientation I'm not talking to a gender I'm talking to a soul... and I bleed love to everyone. I do not touch them physically nor would I want to but I smile warmly and listen whole heartily. 
I Truly care deeply for everyone.
This comes across as flirting I suppose.

I've never really thought of the idea of flirting or how to go about it since I was so picked on for it in high school... I kind of used to shun the thought/concept of it in general.

I thought I was gross for not knowing how to control what people were getting pissy at me about or what it truly was even.

So my advice on how to flirt is:
Don't think too hard on flirting. Just enjoy the person and be fully loving towards them. Flirting doesn't require touching, Its much more effective to just embrace their soul rather then their body.

-and to be honest if someone is flirting with me and touches my arm or body it is a huge turn off for me. I don't like people to touch me unless I know them because I hate having energy on my body that I am not familiar with.
I also assume the worst if they touch me flirting...Like they are only after my body or something silly like that.
I'm just one of those people with a huge personal bubble. 

Break Ups

Ahhh, break ups. The lowest point every time in my life. When I break up with someone or they break up with me it feels like a chunk of my heart has been cut off with a dull knife while I was watching with my hands tied behind my back.

Its hard to breath and I often lose my appetite for at least a month or three months. I literally will stop eating and just drink water... I recluse and paint, draw, write, try to clean my body of the depressed toxins running through it.

I'll lay in bed crying and whining...to myself.

But I'll never text the other person or call them again. I'll never include them back in my life again.

I've found in all of my relationships I've had in the past about breaks ups is:

1. If it didn't work the first time it sure as hell wont work the second time.
2. Once someone cheats on you they will do it again. They got away with it once so they assume they can get away with it again. basic human nature.
3. If they text you or call you four months later wanting to get back together don't get back together with them because they honestly don't want to be back with you; they are just in a down point in their life and looking for the last place they found comfort. 

After a break up its much more healthy to hang out with dear friends, or go places to try and create new memories so you can push the old ones to the side more easily...

I just personally love working artistically off of a break up because depression seems to be my best motivation to paint, and write epic pieces.
Little bit of morbid humor there.

So I hope I maybe answered some of the questions you had on these topics, or gave you fun things to chew on mentally...

Thank you for watching my videos and thank you for reading what I write.
(That goes out to everyone also! <3 )

I love you all and wish the best of luck in finding your partner in crime or kindred spirit.

Stay Spooky!

Allison Eckfeldt.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We all House a Beautiful Soul.

I used to have a hard time seeing the point in doing my make up and hair everyday... Most of the time I would save spoofing myself up for when I was going out on the town or hanging out with friends... Now I wear make up and tease my hair everyday...


For myself.

I feel like when I treat myself to make up and pretty hair then I feel more valuable... to myself! I feel like a beautiful Gothic German Princess.
That is a wonderful feeling.

Now I still think I look good without make up.... But I honestly feel stunning when in make up and after taking time on myself.

I can walk by the mirrors in the house and feel pride.
When my boyfriend comes home I feel like a model.
Even in local markets I have people stop me asking for pictures with me.

This post is starting to seem Egotistic is it not?

That definitely is not my point nor what I am going towards. My point with this post is to tell you, my lovely readers, That when you take time on yourself and love yourself; it will show in your daily life. So if taking long strolls in a Forrest, or dancing to music in public makes you feel what I feel by putting on make up; then by all means do it.

When you take time on yourself and love yourself then...and really only then can you love others fully.

Embrace your goofy laugh, your crooked smile, along with your weight.

Instead see them as a laugh that sounds like little bells, a smile that can light up the darkest skies, and that your body is beautiful and houses your unique soul. 

Don't fall victim to self loathing.

Spoil yourself and show yourself love. Become the best version of you that you can be.

Along with make up and hair, I normally dance, read, run, play bass, write, paint and draw... Its hard to fit it all in one day most of the time....But when I can I feel amazing inside. 
I just cut out the T.V and most of the time even Internet.

So From this point on make sure you are showing yourself love...The joy you'll receive and give to others is worth it.

Love and be Loved.

Stay Spooky,
Allison Eckfeldt.