Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, AR- My Ghost Investigating Series.

 It’s called the most haunted hotel in America and it’s all because of one man.  “Dr” Norman Baker.  He bought the derelict old lady during the height of the Great Depression and turned it into The Baker Cancer Hospital.  He claimed to have the cure for cancer.  He didn’t.  People died there.  In droves.  That’s why there are so many ghosts.
Literally this hotel is crawling with them... while it is very pleasing to the eye; It's not so pleasing for the mind. I stayed here last year to do my own investigation. I got a lot on this 'mission' of sorts...Some photos that are key for me and that I treasure as well as a paranormal hunter.

The photo that set the pace for my adventure I took as I was walking up to the false hope cancer hotel.

As soon as I switched my camera to the view mode I was taken back. Look at all those orbs!! You've got to be kidding me?! I knew at that moment I should probably head back to the car because I am sure as hell not getting a peaceful sleep tonight. ha!
-but then my long car trip would have been for nothing... so nervously I got my bags and headed in...after taking like 12 more orb filled photos outside.

A photo I took inside the lobby. You can find quite a few orbs in this photo as well, but I didn't see anything in the photo that I was hoping to catch... like a shadow figure, or a face outline.

(Mind you the orbs were not from dust. The hotel was very spotless, including my room.) 

As you can see the hotel is so beautiful inside.
I took tons of photos which contained shit tons of orbs; but at this point the orbs became 'normal' and I actually was just taking photos because I loved the decor so much. haha

This couch I'm sitting on above... I wanted it. So incredibly badly... How gothic and bad ass is this? seriously! Oh! and yes that is me... I've changed quite a bit in a year, huh? ;)

After roaming around the lobby, checking in and putting my bags away I started my hunt. The lights stay on in the hotel thankfully... because otherwise I think I would have been freaked out beyond words. At least I could see what was in front of me.

The hallways were all the same. Just tons of orbs and running into others doing the exact same thing I was doing. Hunting for the bigfoot of paranormal research. 

Until I chose to find a place other weren't going to or bothering with. I went downstairs, to the basement and what used to be the morgue. It was very intense with activity and sadly since I have yet to have invested in a evp recorder, video camera or ghostbox I have no proof of what I heard or saw... other than photos.

downstairs there is also a phone booth... unsure why... but to the right of me next to my head in the other glass panel you will see in the glass a weird black shadow. The inside of the telephone booth did not have any black smudges nor did the glass.

This photo gave me the chills when I saw it! 
It was in the booth with me whatever it was. haha!

That night of course I experienced a lot of activity while in my room but sadly have no proof of it since I didnt own documenting devices...

My conclusion? This hotel is breath taking and very gothically inclined. I highly recommend staying here to experience something for yourself.
Heres a link to their official site:


Also! They were featured on the Sci-Fi Channel:

Totally worth your money and time folks. 

Stay Spooky.
Allison Eckfeldt.


  1. Lots of orbs in every picture. Gosh I believe that "doctor" took advantage of peoples needs for a cure :/. We have thinking of doing evp sessions in our own house as we have ghosts, but we don't dare.

  2. I don't want to discount your orbs as being supernatural, but it doesn't really matter how clean a place seems, dust is ALWAYS in the air and sometimes lands on a camera lens. I'm sure you know this, but sometimes other people don't and they don't check their lens for dust and see everything as orbs. Ghost orbs, of course.

    I remember quite a few awesome photos I had to discount once because I hadn't thoroughly cleaned my lens. Tragic, man.

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