Monday, October 15, 2012

The Radical Self Love Journal.

I'm always preaching about how you should love yourself before loving others; and about love in general...

Well, as you get older you'll notice people who stick on a certain subject or preach on a certain subject actually have trouble obtaining what they are in fact preaching about....

I have a hard time loving myself. I can deeply whole heartily love others and feel their emotions as if my own....but I have such an incredibly hard time with showing love to myself...
I'm unsure why, I guess enough abuse can knock you so far down in a ditch that you have to claw your way out... 

Being goth I've been picked on pretty heavily for some surprise, right? everyone gets picked on and leaves a lasting scar on some of us...for example: a long long time ago when I was sixteen I was made fun of at my private school on a regular basis so I developed a strong self hate. 
Self hate is awful.
Please try to keep from falling into this ditch.

It's so incredibly hard to claw your way out.


-with this said, and what seems like me whining is actually me saying this to possibly help others...
I've started a journal that was inspired by this lovely speaker:

Basically you write down compliments other have given you, and you write down things you love about yourself.... You also write motivating things in it on a regular basis... so when you feel down or empty you can read over the journal and boost yourself up.

I encourage anyone else who struggles like I do to also do this! I've already started and can tell a difference. :)

I've also been listening to this song which helps me a lot:

Stay Spooky! 
Allison Eckfeldt. 


  1. I know that feel, I still get like that sometimes. When you feel as low as you can and it feels impossible to ever feel good. I like this Idea, I'll give it a try and see if it helps at all.

    And just so you have a compliment. I personally think your very beautiful! I wish I looked like you at times.

  2. Gala Darling has been such a huge inspiration in my life! I'm glad to see she's getting more people to learn to love themselves.

  3. Here are some FACTS you can write in your journal:
    You are beautiful and intelligent, smart and sophisticated. I believe in you so much you actually with your blog and youtube helped me with self esteem and confidence. I think you inspire many people, and I personally can say with a full heart that i just loved so much the way you present yourself and the world, I decided to learn from you and adopt certain things.
    Never give up on loving yourself. Because at the end, like knowing yourself, it's the only thing you can do better to your own soul than the rest of the world.
    Blessed be!

  4. I've been doing the same writing positive things about myself in a journal. In high school I use to tease my hair like you do and when I would get back home everyday from school I would have to brush it out because everyday there would be tiny paper ball that were thrown by people. It may seem like nothing but it did really hurt. I would also get bullied by family members about not looking "normal". Seeing your confidence in your videos brings me motivation :) Confidence and loving yourself for everybody can be achieved.

  5. I know what you mean about telling others to love themselves and boosting others, but I have a hard time doing it for myself.
    Just silo you know I find your videos and blog enjoyable and very inspiring!