Monday, October 29, 2012

Eureka Springs Cemetery- My Ghost Investigating Series.

Eureka Springs, AR... Known for its long history of ghosts and the world famous haunted location 'The Crescent Hotel' has a cemetery like no other... I had gone to Eureka Springs last year in September (Photo above) for a ghost investigation and to celebrate my birthday. Any time I go out of town I make sure to visit the cemetery of what ever town I am in...Normally in the day time because I am simply visiting the grave to see the sights and enjoy the beauty.

I wasn't expecting to ghost hunt or to have any activity for that matter.

This, without a doubt, is one of my favorite cemeteries and is simply breath taking. 
However, even though it was still early in the morning (around 10 am) I could still hear things in the wind and feel strong vibes... Actually I found this place by chance and was planning on going to a different cemetery. As I was driving down the dirt road I saw the gates to the cemetery and had a very strong pull to stop and take a look.

I got a ton of awesome photos with orbs, mist and.... 'auras'?

I was shocked by this considering it wasn't the witching hour and that it takes much more energy to make yourself known in the daytime for a spirit. 

It was still 10 a.m after all.

The photo above has an impressive orb. This is the largest orb I've ever caught on camera...
the gravestone has the date 1835 I believe...

this is the 'aura' I was talking about. Notice the purple/blueish shading around the gravestone. I have not edited this of course and my camera works properly so it was not my cameras doing. I've taken lots of photos and have never had this happen before or after this shot. I call it an Aura because the colors around this photo was the exact emotion I was feeling from this head stone or grave rather... The stone was so covered in moss that I couldn't find out more about this person or when they died. 

This is my favorite image I've ever captured of paranormal. 
have you ever captured something like this? 
Or do you know the proper name of when this happens to a photo? 

Click on this photo above to see two orbs floating away from the top of the two headstones towards each other. 

What an unexpected surprise that I got so much activity in the morning from such a lovely grave site.

My conclusion from this gravesite is that it is, of course, very beautiful; but also very active!
I would love to come back to this cemetery during the witching hours sometime this year and see what I can capture! 

Stay Spooky!
Allison Eckfeldt.


  1. I really love these posts! And btw, you must check my handfasting ceremony post, because there is so much orbs. I have never had so much orbs in my pictures and there were orbs only in our ceremony pictures.. there is no other orbs in other wedding pictures, inside or outside. So cool! Well, we summoned spirits to be there so I think they really came.. Pictures has been taken several different cameras..

  2. Wow those are some really awesome pictures! I love the aura, and that cemetery looks absolutely beautiful.

  3. Again, just feel like whatching one episode of ghost hunters loool


  4. I don't think the time of day really matters when it comes to manifesting.

    I've read several accounts from people who claim that ghosts are more active at night because people are asleep, the lights are off, and there's less electrical interference.

    Out in a cemetery, there's bound to be little energy interference so it makes perfect sense for there to be activity all day long. ^_^

    Well that's just what I've read, but it makes a fair amount of sense.

  5. While I believe that ghosts, spirits and past energies exist, I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to "orb photographs," mostly because, a lot of the time they could just be dust floating around in front of the lens of which the flash reflects on. I'm not saying this is the case with all of the orbs in your photographs, I mean cemeteries and old hospitals are places that are definitely likely to have spirits in them. I just think sometimes digital cameras aren't the most trustworthy of ghost hunting equipment.
    I love that photograph with the grave and the purple aura though. I have no idea what would cause that sort of colour to appear.