Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ghost Hunting New Orleans!

The first thing that came to my mind when my fiance Brady told me we were going to New Orleans on vacation was; PARANORMAL HEAVEN...... and Interview with a Vampire *cough cough* Lestat De Lioncourt.

Two Photos above: Me playing with the EMF device trying to see what I get...

So being the kind gentlemen that Brady is he left me to do all the organizing for "Ghost hunting". 
New Orleans isn't exactly the safest city so the fact that I don't know the town lead me to hop onto Yelp and search the local ghost hunting companies. 

We ended up going on two tours by two different companies; 'French Quarter Phantoms' and then 'Witches Brew'. (Once we knew the town better we just adventured on our own to find locations.)

'French Quarter Phantoms' ( was very fun and full of laughter and information...Interesting information! So being intrigued I searched some dates and names our guide mentioned so I could learn more only to find; NO INFORMATION on what She told us. I was so irritated that I searched more stories she had told us only to find that about 70% of the facts and dates she gave me was bullshit. so upsetting. I know a lot of people think ghosts are bullshit as well but I actually take this field VERY seriously and the fact that I was told made up stories by someone I assumed was also into the paranormal made me sad. haha!
The next day we went on a Ghost tour with a company called 'Witches Brew' ( which made everything so much better! Our guide was very insightful and cheery; I spoke to him about the night before and he showed me the proper dates and names to the stories the guide from the other company had mucked up. What a relief. This company also had given us EMF detectors to use while on the tour. It was a blast!

Here are some photos from our Ghost hunting and some stories to go with the photos. :)

Inside the pub where people meet up that are going on the 'French Quarter Phantom' tour Brady and I ran into these two Ghouls. :) 
I have to say inside the pub the male and female bathrooms where crawling with thick energy. It was so uncomfortable while going to the bathroom; I felt like someone was peering over my shoulder or breathing in my ear. haha!
The photo above is actually the building that was in the movie 'Interview with a Vampire' 

(it was the shooting location for the Set where Louis and Claudia set Lestat's house on Fire)

This next photo didn't have a ghost story but Brady and I loved the beautiful creepy vibe this shadow gave off.

The haunted restaurant 'Muriels'

The photo above is actually the best evidence photo we got on the whole trip. Brady took the photo and you can see the mist under the dinner table. Here's the website for the restaurant with information on their ghost:
What's really cool about this photo is the table with the mist under it is actually the table they leave food and wine at for the resident ghost. The only way they could get the ghost to stop the angry activity was to leave him peace offerings on his own reserved table every morning and night.

The hotel pictured above is another beautiful haunted location. Inside the hotel people hear children running, see children in their room or have pranks pulled on them. Next time Brady and I are in New Orleans I would love to stay here. :) However from what I'm told guest check out of here very early due to the activity. 

New Orleans is so spooky and beautiful at night. Every night (photo taken at night) looks like it belongs in a horror movie set.

The EMF detector 'Witches Brew' tours let us use. :)

The 'Witches Brew' Tour company actually took us inside a building to investigate! It was so cool and eerie inside! (see photo above) I couldn't get over the vibes pouring through the walls in this building. It was a whore house at one point where the women killed men after seducing them into the building. They then would steal all the money or whatever the man owned on him.

While inside we could hear floorboards creaking above us and loud tapping on the walls. We actually had some 'hitch-hiking' ghosts trail us back to our hotel him and later to our home. It was horrible. I had to sage our house so much before peaceful energy returned and the thumping/things moving in our house stopped.. 

All in all New Orleans was just as magical as I would have dreamed it to be. 
I highly recommend adventuring and going on ghost tours but be prepared if you are clairvoyant to cleanse your home once you get home.

Stay Spooky!

Allison Eckfeldt.

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