Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hex: Old World Witchery Shop in New Orleans

In New Orleans close to the Mississippi River You will find a beautiful little pagan/witch shop called Hex. It's tucked off in the quieter corner of all the shops. The sweet smell of incense is sure to lure you in. 

I was scared the store was going to be over priced and a tourist trap... I was wrong.
The store is amazing inside full of crystals, tarot, books, incense, blessed candles, oils, herbs and etc. with very affordable prices! 
As an insider tip: This has to be the best Witch store in New Orleans. Hands down.
Here's a link to the shop's website:

Books upon books upon books... I couldn't focus on just one title with all the excitement I had. However the shop keeper was very kind and pointed out a title she thought would suit me. (I ended up buying it and YES it does suit me completely. Thank you so much love!<3)

These 'Witch Wash' soaps smelt so delicious. One of each please! 

Now this strand of Tarot cards caught my eye instantly. Turns out it's a blessed majick strand that you can hang in your home according to what you need. This one I was looking at was to keep people from talking about you behind your back, or to help rid negative energy from flowing into your life. 
I wanted it terribly. but it was $200. 
That wasn't going to happen but if I could have gotten it I would have.
As a side note I did buy a book by the wonderful witch who made this named Laurie Cabot.
Since coming back home to Oklahoma I have fallen in love with her outlook and facts about and on witch craft. 
Here's a video of her inside her shop located in Salem.

Next on my list of places to travel to is definitely Salem!

A rawhide Voodoo man. :)

Crystals for sale... I ended up buying a couple for myself. <3

Magic Candles

A giant wall of herbs.

The very nice and helpful Shopkeeper. She was so awesome! She even let me leave some gifts and prayers at the store's alter.

Stay Spooky!
Allison Eckfeldt

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