Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Parthenon in Nashville TN


While my band Esoterik was on tour with Nachtmahr and Ludovico Technique across the US we had a day off in Nashville TN; 

during lunch we all decided we wanted to check out the Parthenon after being told several times the night before by locals at the venue that we needed to see The Parthenon and experience it. (Which we affectionately renamed the "Panty-Lawn")

Once we arrived at The Parthenon "Panty-Lawn" I was thrilled to get closer and see the detail of the building...

The building itself was amazing and the amount of detail in The Parthenon's creation is breath taking. We were all thrilled to see what was inside this beautiful piece of art.

Myself and my bandmates/friends in front of the giant front gates of the Parthenon.

Below you will find pictures from inside The Parthenon.
To set the mood The Parthenon has monk sounding hums in female voices playing within the giant "prayer shrine". However the building smelt of old cheese which took away from the holy vibe for me.
The statue's size within the building is mind blowing.

The Parthenon also has wings of art galleries inside. Sadly when we were visiting there really wasn't much to look at inside the building besides this beautiful statue. (which is ok of course; but for whatever reason I was expecting to see so much more inside.)

If in Nashville I do recommend checking out this site; but be careful to not build it up in your mind... like I did. 
Because then you will not be as impressed as you honestly should be.

Stay Spooky!
Allison Eckfeldt


  1. I find it kind of hilarious that Americans love making copies of ancient European monuments and buildings; it speaks for the comparatively short history and lack of cultural background of the US in the same way that your obsession with our Royal family does. ;)

    Nonetheless, I've been to the original Parthenon, and I'd quite like to see this replica; the greek original was sacked many times and has needed extensive conservation work, so it would be nice to see what it looked like in its heyday.

  2. Amazing blog, I love your style so much <3 now u have a new follower xx