Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Museum of Weird in Austin Texas (Originally posted in 2013)

(**ATTENTION** This is an old article I posted on my other blog in 2013 but I wanted to move it onto this blog site. So please keep this in mind while reading or looking at photos. Thank you! <3)

Exploring the museum of weird in Austin do I put my emotions into words? I felt like I did whenever I was five and would go to toys r us (kid toy store in the USA) for the Saturday Pokemon card tournaments.... Which was to be excited to share my love of something unusual with other unusual and like minded beings....and bask in the rarity of this event.
Walking inside the small building you are immediately greeted by a cute gift shop full of unique little toys, decor and shirts. (not too high on pricing ether)
Beyond the gift shop past the tiny door frame into the back is where the fun really begins.
It's $8 to get in which is worth it the first time (taking into account memories that are made) but I sure as hell wouldn't pay $8 to see it again. 
In general you walk through a very small hallway crammed with 'ripley's believe it or not' type items and move on to a show room (tiny show room) with animal birth oddities and wax life size monster figures... 
Here are some photos of things I really liked within the crammed hallway:
fortune telling machines with a Zoltar type vibe...hell yes. Give me two. One for my living room and the other for the bedroom

The classic Mermaid. I remember seeing a photo of one of these guys in a book fair magazine as a child and thinking, "we'll that's it! Mermaids are defiantly real."  
It wasn't until I grew up some more that I realized it was actually a hoax.
-and here are some photos of things i liked from the large room containing wax figures and animal oddities: 
A mummy.... I can't tell you the exact date I fell in love with these wonders but when I did I fell hard. I use to check out books from the library all the time on how and why they were made....mostly to just look at the pictures. Ha! 
The mummy at the museum of weird is very short and small but worth seeing for sure. 

A real Victorian skeleton who is said to haunt the building since they bought her. She is roughly 15 years old and a physic told the staff her name was either Eliza or Elisabeth. I love ghost stories so I was all over this like a fly to sugar water. 
She use to belong to an odd fellows group and was used to scare new members as a part of initiation. 
I find that tragic and I'd be a pissed ghost too if my body or what's left of it was used in such a manner.

Walking through the rest of the rather small building isn't too riveting. Supposedly Johnny depp lived upstairs in 1992 when he was trying to become a musician but I am doubtful of this. 
Upstairs they also do a like 'freak show' which was cute but slightly awkward at the same time. Haha
This is normal for freak shows however and the men performing were very funny and friendly so what more could you ask for?

All in all the experience was great and I look forward to exploring Austin Texas more in the future. 
Stay Spooky! 
Allison Eckfeldt

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