Saturday, July 5, 2014

Boutique Du Vampire in New Orleans

(Photo above: Myself modeling my new Coffin Purse I got from Boutique Du Vampire)


Boutique Du Vampire is a store tucked away in the French Quarter and the only sign advertising it is a little plank of wood outside with a Vampire boy's portrait on it.

you know what?
I LOVE that they have tucked themselves out of the tourists site. 

While I was shopping in this wonderful little store I didn't have to deal with giggling tourists making fun of everything they didn't or don't understand including myself. 
The staff inside are incredibly friendly smiling folk who gave off a vibe to me that... they were indeed vampires themselves. ;) 

The store has a wonderful incense smell, it is full of local art (GREAT local art), shrunken heads, vampire items (of course), soaps, body mist, coffin purses, fairy related goodness, and books. LOTS of books.

What even gives this store sky high cool points in my book is the fact that all of their books are signed by the author.

I don't know any stores yet that can say that about their book collection on sale. 

I took some photos of things within the store I found visually pleasing:

I highly recommend going to this store if you are ever in New Orleans and you are a person inclined to finding the beauty in dark odd items.

Pricing was right on the mark. Remember that everything is handmade in this store which means slightly higher prices but not through the roof pricing. 

Stay Spooky!
Allison Eckfeldt


  1. Gorgeous photos! I think I have to add New Orleans to the list of places that I must travel to

  2. I've always wanted to go to New Orleans but have recently heard mixed reviews about the city ... too touristy, too trashy, too dirty,.. etc. Besides this intriguing store, what did you think about the city? Would you recommend a visit or were you disappointed with it, too? :)

  3. makes me wanna go even more. sounds wonderful.