Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oklahoma City's Abandoned Buildings (Originally Posted in 2013)

(**ATTENTION** This is an old article I posted on my other blog in 2013 but I wanted to move it onto this blog site. So please keep this in mind while reading or looking at photos. Thank you! <3)

Brady and I love to ghost hunt and find different evidence towards the paranormal. So the other day while Brady was at work he saw an article on abandoned buildings within our city and decided that we should go check them out. (He already knew I'd be completely down. haha) 
I didn't bring good shoes or my ghost kit sadly but we did see some beautiful buildings.

The first building was a Speak easy in the 1920s. It was completely boarded up with a fence all the way around. The city can't tear it down since it is technically a historic building.
I wanted to get inside badly and explore however its right in the middle of the city and someone driving by would see us jumping the fence or pulling a board off for sure.

It was such a beautiful building. I can only imagine what it looks like inside... or what haunted wonders may fill its halls....
I'll be back to this place at some point I'm sure.

The next building we went to was a place for people living in lower income areas. A place for kids in crime areas to hang out and possibly stay out of crime.
Sadly it didn't work out and the place was shut down due to crime.

This was the only non boarded up entrance we found. We didn't want to stick around for long though because it still is an area of crime.

A bowling pin. The building use to have a bowling alley.

"Danger Zombies  -----> " :) 
I had only moments before this photo said it looked like a resident evil type scene and then we saw this sign. haha

The next building we went to was a hospital for mental illness patients between the ages of 6-8. It was shut down due to a nurse killing quite a few patients simply for her fun. We wanted to ghost hunt here and probably will in the future when we have a group with us and don't have a possibility of being attacked by anyone homeless.

The entrance. 

The front of the building with the cross has totally been pelted with paintballs...

To see more of this building check out my youtube; Kazlovesbats.

I'll keep you guys updated on if we ghost hunt any of these locations.

Stay Spooky!
Allison Eckfeldt

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