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My band Esoterik opening for L'ame Immortelle's Tour in Germany

Towards the end of November 2014 my band Esoterik was given the awesome opportunity to open for L'ame Immortelle's tour dates in Germany. The tour was just for three days but it was basically across Germany preforming in Frankfurt, Bochum and Dresden.
We accepted, you would be such a fool not to accept, and we were jet set for Germany!
My husband Brady and I have been planning to move to Germany for some time so this trip really made that thought so much more solid in our minds.

We were flying out one day before the tour so we could have a day to get our rented keyboards and electric guitar tuned correctly for our sound... I won't bore you guys too much with stories from the airport in Oklahoma to Chicago and then Germany but basically our flight from Chicago to Germany had gotten canceled last minute. Super upsetting and nerve racking.
We didn't have any extra clothes, my make up and hair products were mostly in my luggage that was in the plane...
So not only were we set back but we were going to look homeless by the time we hit Germany just in time for the first show time. I did my best to be positive and just roll with the punches however... I mean we are going to Germany to open for L'ame Immortelle; there's no time to be upset! I was too excited!!

Once we landed in Germany our luggage didn't make it, so we had to file a form about that and cross our fingers that the luggage would make it to us before the end of the tour so we wouldn't look completely appalling. haha!

Pictured above is what we saw once entering the first venue's backstage in Frankfurt. What a sight for sore hungry eyes. I restrained myself and kept to beer before preforming however so I wouldn't be weighed down while dancing during our set.

Here I am Jet lagged and delirious but so happy, so fucking happy. <3

Skeletal Family, one of the many bands I look up to, had preformed on the stage in the first venue which made me all the more excited to be stepping on that very stage. My heart was so full of happiness... there was absolutely no room for nerves.

Above are photographs from performing the first night. The first venue had a wireless mic which I don't get the pleasure to use that often in American venues. It felt so strange not having a wire to whip and pull around the stage with me.

Our tour essentials. 

Pictured above is the Tour Bus we had which we slept in each night on the way to the next venue after preforming. You would be surprised at how cozy the bunk beds were in this bus. I slept so sound without a single toss or turn.

This was the second venue in Bochum. An epic three (four?) story goth club with at least five dance floors all spinning different goth genres.

This is the stage hall that looked like a subway entrance... I asked what this building used to be and the sound guy had told me it was a brewery and then a warehouse and that the room we were preforming in used to be much larger but that they had filled in the floor with cement about halfway... can you imagine how huge this room must have been?! Those are high ceilings already but knowing the room had been halfway filled with cement blew my mind.

below are some photos from backstage...

The backstage was huge. Like it's own little house. Complete with showers, many different rooms, a kitchen and "wait staff". 

"Angels with silver wings shouldn't know suffering." I saw this silver angel and instantly wanted to snag a shot with it...This was located in one of the dance rooms next to the merch table. By the way, it was day two and we still haven't received our luggage which is why I'm in the same dress as the flight. I had so many stage outfits purchased for this tour but ended up wearing my flight dress. haha!! 

Speaking of not having our luggage, luckily for us the venue was next to a huge store so we quickly made a stop inside to load up on much needed hair spray and shower supplies....plus some "nerve calmers"...

after loading up on quite a bit of awesome German goodies we came back into the venue for our sound check.
Here was the view from the stage before the venue had opened...

Below are some photos from performing that night. Such a beautiful venue, my heart and soul really poured out during this performance.

Afterwords  OUR LUGGAGE ARRIVED. Seriously, after our set our luggage arrived at the venue. I finally took a shower and was able to switch my clothes into something more gothically inclined. 

Here I am freshly showered after the set in new clothes finally. haha!

I ventured around all the dance floors dancing the night away until it was time to load back up on the tour bus and head for the next location...

The last location was in Bochum Germany. The venue building was HUGE! I think it must have been a warehouse as well at one point or time. Sadly I didn't take any photographs outside because it was so cold out... I couldn't stand outside for very long.

The back room had this pie out for a snack. It reminded me of my grandmama's and instantly gave me the warm fuzzies which relaxed any nervous nerves I might have started to have in regards to performing.

Here I am in the upstairs back room where they serve you food.

Here is a shoot of the stage. However this photo doesn't do the venue justice; It was truly a massive stage room.

Below are some photographs from the upstairs backstage before everyone's sets began.

Here I am trying to hide my happy nervousness.
Below are photos from the performance. 

The set went amazing and the crowd response brought me to my knees. Such a blessing.

After we finished our set I quickly ran to the downstairs backroom to my Papabat to tell him how amazing the crowd is and how Renewed I had felt... 
Once I finished squeeking at him and fluttering all around being chirpy I went to the up stairs back room to have my dinner. Dinner was served before our set but I wanted to wait until after so that I wouldn't be weighed down while on stage.

That's the most happy and content face I've ever produced. haha! 

After eating I went back to the downstairs backroom to have drinks with everyone and join in some laughter/bonding. The lady in the photograph with me was the lead vocalist for the other opening band K-Bereit which was on tour with us as well. <3

Once all was said and done we loaded up into the tour bus and headed back for Frankfurt... making a pit stop half way for some beer and food of course. ;)

The touring life is really addicting and each person involved in this tour has hands down without a doubt became a family member to me. I feel truly blessed and look forward to what the future holds... 

Stay Spooky,
Allison Eckfeldt

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