Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wave Gotik Treffen 2015 in Germany

Husband Brady and I with our WGT 2015 tickets! Very impressed with the ticket design... It looks so visually pleasing!

I hadn't heard of Wave Gotik Treffen until my Papabat Thomas told me about it this last November... For the past five years I've wanted to go to Mera Luna but now I see that I miscalculated what I thought to be the ultimate goth gathering. Wave Gotik Treffen, one of the most magical experiences, is something I suggest every darkly inclined individual to go to at least once in their lifetime. My papabat told that it is the goth disneyland (Gothneyland) and now I completely see what he means!

Sure a ton of wonderful goth bands preform but the festival's main reason is a gathering for all the darkly inclined people to meet and for friendships to form.

So the pictures I'm going to share with you in this post are just some of the things I captured on film; sadly I didn't take a whole lot of photographs for the five days due to the fact that I was simply so happily over whelmed that I couldn't focus straight enough to capture everything.

After arriving Brady and I partake in some beer at a local cafe in Leipzig. :)

The view of Leipzig from our hotel room.
The day before the festival is like a giant pre-party where everyone meets up and catches up on life. I happened to be able to met up with lovely miss Freyja (known as itsblackfriday on youtube) It was so cool how our meeting happened; I only wish we could have hung out for a longer amount of time.

Blurry cuddles captured in the photo above inside one of the nightclubs... and then below a more clear photograph of us two. <3

We stayed up until daylight on the pre-party day and then venture back to our hotel for about 4 hours of sleep before waking up and heading back out for the first day of the festival!
We went to see two bands the first day (L'ame immortelle and Gendel), we ventured around Agra hall, and we took part in quite a few drinking festivities. ;)
Agra hall was my favorite place simply because inside the hall was a massive vender set up. It looked like a strictly goth only mall with everything and anything a goth could want. It was a lot to take in and I had to visit the hall two times before I mentally could take everything in.

I bumped into Freyja again when inside Agra Hall. :) we both spent some time collectively admiring winklepicker boots and I talked her into a pair of boots she was admiring before I had even arrived. <3 heehee! I had thought I would bump into her more but I didn't see her again until the last day... Next year we'll have to hang out more.

I got to run into the ever so beautiful Swede Synthetic Panda as soon as I walked outside of Agra Hall. One of my friends from Instagram. So cool how Wave Gotik Treffen makes the world such a smaller place... You get to meet all your internet friends and tour friends from around the world.

We ran into some more friends once we went back into Agra. It's like a bee hive! haha

Brady and I being cute in the audience before watching L'ame Immortelle's set. 

Later on that night I noticed that my wedding ring was missing on my finger. I was so upset once I noticed that I couldn't help but feel my heart sink and I cried right there in the hallway of one of the venues (it was so embarrassing, I don't like crying in front of anyone.)
Brady was very sweet about the whole situation however. He didn't scold me or get angry with me... instead he comforted me and told me we'll get a new ring and not to worry about it.
I love him so much.

We grabbed a cab to go back to the room because I was upset but then halfway on the cab ride my papabat and our friend Fox contacted us asking if we wanted to hang out and of course we did want to! So instead of me being soppy in the hotel room we went to share in laughter with our loved ones.
Fox comforted me as well regarding the situation and suggested that we get remarried in Germany since we were overseas and to buy a ring in Agra; It was a perfect idea! and such a simple solution! I don't know why we didn't think of it. haha! So Brady and I told Papabat he had to wed us and Fox would be the best man. Fox's fiance Sarah was my bridesmaid! I love her!

Brady and I were already starting to plan something out...

After wedding ideas were thrown around my vintage fox shawl Miss Gamgam started to party hard.

Gamgam chilling majestically on Saint Papabat's shoulder. 

Brady channeling Gamgam's party vibes.

Marcel giving Gamgam cuddles.

and then Gamgam chilling out after whoring herself around the room. haha!

On the second day of the festival Brady and I went to Absinthe Sixtina to partake in absinthe and watch a friend of ours preform/hang out with our overseas family.

But then my Papabat surprised both Brady and I on stage at the venue with a renewal of wows wedding.
It was the most sincere and heart warming thing I've ever had a friend do for me. I've never been surprised in such a nice way.

It's a memory I will forever cherish and a feeling so pure that I'll never forget.

Husband and wife AGAIN.
The photos below are of my bridesmaid/best women Sarah and I. ;)

Kisses :*

Bestman Fox and Brady celebrating very drunkenly. haha!

Fox creating more absinth concoctions....

After the surprise wedding Brady and I stumbled off to the hotel with our bellies full of absinthe and hearts full of love.

Brady and I next to the getaway car. ;)

I didn't really get any photos the next day besides these two of my friend from instagram and I from a room where 80's deathrock, and classics were playing.

The following day we went to have wine with our friends in the morning.

Fox being ever so classy...minus the pinkies up.

After the wine tasting fox, Sarah, Myself and Brady ventured out to find a place to have lunch before heading to the Medieval fair area next to Agra. Here are some photos I snapped of Leipzig while walking towards food.

After we ate we headed back towards Agra hall to enjoy the rest of the festival. :)

Lots of mead was had and then it was back into the hall for combichrist and last day festivities.

Before the end of the night all of us youtubers ran into each other. haha! So cool and such a small world.

I'm so ready for Wave Gotik Treffen 2016 and I'm already planning much more flamboyant outfits for the event. <3

Stay Spooky!
Allison Eckfeldt.

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