Monday, June 8, 2015

Esoterik's New Album Atonement.

My band Esoterik ( had a photo shoot not too long ago in April and I wanted to share some of the photos with all of you. (Click on images to view them larger...)

Esoterik has been my passion for the past two years. I have been in Vocal classes every weekend, writing lyrics non stop and creating promotional material nonstop... This is my baby. My creative outlet. 
I'm so ready for our new 10 Track album 'Atonement' to be released.
It was scheduled to be released this year February 2015 but as I'm sure you've guessed we pushed back the release date. We were offered the opportunity to work with a professional and of course couldn't pass down such a blessing. 
Brady has the exact release date but I'm waiting to share that information...
So instead of getting bummed out on having to wait to share these tracks with my fans I've devoted my time to improving my vocals and creating the next album. Creating the next album? Yes that's correct.
I normally start writing loads of lyrics and pass them down to Brady so he can pick his favorite and compose a track accordingly. Our two man process normally takes at least a year so by the time our newest album 'Atonement' is released we'll have material to keep the ball rolling. ;)

I really look forward to sharing our creation with all of you.
Soon. SO SOON. <3

Stay Spooky,
-Allison Eckfeldt

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