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October 2014

If you know me at all you know that Halloween gives me life. 
Since I was a little girl I preferred Halloween over Christmas. So much of Halloween caters to my interest in paranormal, mystical, fantastical, unexplainable.

So Since I wasn't able to keep up with this blogger last year (2014) during the month of October I wanted to make up the absent-ness now.
I was an Assistant Store manager last year during August through October at the American store called, 'Spirit Halloween.' The store specializes in selling creepy animatronics, props, and costumes. It's a store I always hit up when the Halloween season comes rolling around so I was thrilled to be offered a manager position... Even if it completely ate up my time when outside of my band Esoterik's projects, practices, and gigs.

So enjoy some photos below from my job at 'Spirit Halloween' and from my little misadventures that created a beautiful month of October.

My favorite part of Spirit was putting together the animatronics and watching them come alive. In my hand pictured above is an animatronic head for a zombie that lunges.

Pictured above are some animatronic zombies I had built.

Bonding time with mister zomber before he becomes a flesh eating, scary mother lucker. Behind me you can see a collection of latex masks and fake scary latex babies our store carried.

Not all days were hard knocks at 'Spirit Halloween'; My Store Manager Tyler was the sweetest person always and made work a place of laughter and smiles... On my birthday (09-19) He surprised me with a birthday cake...AND IT HAD MY FAVORITE ICING. Whipped cream icing. T-T

Not to mention he had it all gothed out with a spider web for a birthday cake in September. Orange is my favorite color as well... He really just outdid himself on so many levels when he surprised me.

Here I am posing with my beautiful birthday cake wearing my Spirit Halloween apron!

The surprises didn't stop that day at work... When I got home my husband had an adorable birthday gift sack on the island table along with the most awesome skeleton card I've ever seen.
Seriously. Pumpkins, bats, skeletons, spiders, spider webs, coffins, the colors black, orange, and purple are all associated with Halloween and happen to be all the things that put the biggest smile on my face. October was made for me.

So check out these super cute drinks!!

The goth club in my local hometown had made special drinks for October and this happened to be one of them... (I still have the pumpkin cup that it came in. I had thought it was so cute...and I still do. haha!)

I love this picture of me with the drink...So spooky!

Now back at Spirit Halloween I was still busy making animatronic pumpkin scarecrows...

running around with Halloween balloons...

and bonding with Bone Daddy...

Who has a fear of rats.

I even had found a new bat companion which I named Beatrix. 

Pictured above is my husband Brady and I at one of the many Goth club nights in October.

So besides hitting up clubs, and working at a Halloween store I was also busy with carving pumpkins:

Carving pumpkins has to be the most loved family tradition for many people in suburban America. Every family in America does the process differently. For example when I was younger my mother would set up card tables in the garage, cover the card tables with news paper and have my three older brothers plus myself sit at the table with our pumpkins. Once everyone was situated my mother would hand out carving tools and tracing paper so we could start decorating our pumpkins. 
I remember all of us laughing and talking a lot while my mom walked around helping each of us cut and praising us on how well we were doing cutting and designing our pumpkins. Once we had all finished carving my mother would let us take the carved pumpkins outside, set them where we wished to set them, and then we could light a candle inside of it for the night.

Now that I am older the pumpkin carving ritual has changed a bit...
Brady and I sit on our front porch, play scary movie/haunted house music, draw on our pumpkins with sharpie and then carve away....oh yes. and we drink. We drink ALOT.

On Halloween My bandmates, myself, my coven sister Bree and friend Momo drove to Dallas Texas (5 hour drive) to celebrate the glorious holiday. I had booked my band Esoterik to play at a venue and then we were all going to go to the impressively large goth club in Dallas called 'The Church.'

Bree being majestic.

I had made a 'special' drink to help me make the long ass drive.

Ready for a bit of the ultra violence, The three of us plus my bandmates had dressed up as droogies from A Clockwork Orange for Halloween. 

My husband and I. <3

Partaking in a bit of the naughty water; Droogies for life.

Pictured above are some photos of my band Esoterik preforming. :)

After my band Esoterik's set we dived into some amazing pizza! Like a bunch of crows!!

Pictured above is me the day after Halloween. I clean up nicely. ;)

I can't wait to see what this October holds for us all... I'm ready for the festivities to start up again!

Stay Spooky,
Allison Eckfeldt.

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  1. By your pictures it must have been an awesome month! And I just realize that your birthday is a day after mine! Loved the cake by the way :)