Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Christmas Markets in Bavaria

In the beginning of December 2014 after being on L'ame Immortelle's tour, with my band Esoterik being the opening band, we stayed in Germany for one more week so we could explore and have our own little adventures. My family is from Nuremberg so I desperately wanted to return to this town but I also wanted to just Explore Bavaria in all of its glory.
We hit up so many Christmas Markets in so many different towns within Bavaria... So what you'll see in this post is mostly just photos from those Christmas Markets. 
We hung out in Bacharach, Mainz, Munic, Nurmburg and lastly we returned to Frankfurt the day before our flight to explore.

The photos above are from a small town's Christmas Market. The little village was in Budenheim; we were staying with friends during this time frame. This village was so cute and I really wish now that I had taken more photos of it. I was just so delirious/sleep deprived from the beautiful tour that I didn't even really consider taking photographs.

The photographs below this were taken in Mainz...

A statue representing the Roman Empire that had once ruled here.  In antiquity Mainz was a Roman fort city which commanded the west bank of the Rhine and formed part of the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire; it was founded as a military post by the Romans in the late 1st century BC .

Take a look at this carousal!! I Adore old carousals so I freaked out when we stumbled upon this!

The horses even had real tails!!

Trying my very first German Nutella Crepe. <3

The following photographs were taken in Bacharach...

After exploring the town we ventured into a super cute little mom and pop restaurant for some beer and a snack...

Pictured below is what I ordered. Some Krombacher and a Strudel! NOMS!

The Photos below are from Nuremburg :) My family's hometown!! So good to finally be on it's soil and feeling it's heartbeat. 

Awesome old time organ grinder. 

and we even stumbled on a alternative store. Such a nice surprise! I wasn't expecting to find anything like this so you can imagine my excitement. We weren't allowed to take photos inside so that's why I only took photos of the window displays. :)

Me in my Gothic lolita gear; It was so cold during this trip. I couldn't have ask for better weather. (I live for the cold.)

Below are photographs from Munic... 

After walking around Munic we went into Hofbrauhaus for some dinner and beer... but I must warn you. Do not order food from here. All of us hated the food we were served, it was dry and lacked all flavor. The venue itself though was breathtakingly beautiful and the beer was great.

All in all the trip was so magical. I now have a desire to go to christmas markets every December... How could you not? Such a fun atmosphere, full of laughter, families, and love. You can just feel it all over the surrounding air. All the more reason to hurry up and make my Husband and I's move overseas.

Stay Spooky,
Allison Eckfeldt.

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  1. I loved seeing your pictures, Allison. We have been to Nuremburg and I remember that store! Now I'm embarrassed to admit that we loved the sausages and sauerkraut at Hofbrauhaus. Hey, we can't get decent sauerkraut over here ... it's the first thing I order whenever we've been lucky enough to visit Germany. I'd always hoped that someday we could come when the Christmas markets are on. :)